Index of Articles

Following is a complete index of all articles published in C-Nuz to date. These articles are not available online. They’re listed here to show the broad range of subjects covered. For information on ordering back issues, click here.

C-Nuz 1
Fall 1997
10 pages

  • History of Columbia Yachts Doug Semivan
  • Invitation to a Wedding Brian Engelke
  • Owners Reports C-26 Mk II, C-28, C-29.
  • Defender 29, a Tale of Woe and Intrigue Bulkhead replacement
  • Tabbing and Repairs A quick primer
  • Nuz Clips News from all over

C-Nuz 2
February 1998
20 pages

  • A Whale of a Weekend Dan Simmons
  • More Columbia History Myths and Legends
  • Welcome Aboard! A Sailor is Born, Another Sailor is Born, Have boat, Will Travel
  • Tell Tales Eric White, Ernest Schlesinger, Tom Conners
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Upgrade Bulkhead Replacement, Carribean Dreamin’ with a C-26 Mk II
  • Defender 29 Thoughts on Leaks
  • Readers Pics You send ’em, we print ’em.
  • Subscribers Locater The list keeps growing.
  • Columbia Owners List E-mail addresses
  • Q and A Reef points

C-Nuz 3
May 1998
20 pages

  • Close-Up….C-8.7 Pat Sturgeon
  • Pampero IV John Somerhausen
  • Owners’ Comments C-8.7
  • Tell Tales Dan Simmons, Wesley Wells
  • Welcome Aboard! Love at First Sight, Welcome Home, Spirit, Key Largo, Barbobasea
  • Hull Identification Numbers Eric White
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Upgrade Diesel Odors and Bilge Cleaning, Secret Varnishing Technique Revealed!, Mast Tuning, Cheap Teak Cleaner
  • Deep Thoughts Little Boats That Can
  • Subscribers Locater The list keeps growing.
  • Columbia Owners List E-mail addresses

C-Nuz 4
August 1998
20 pages

  • First Cruise! Dennis Lancaster
  • Quasiboato….No Proud Heritage! Ron Globe
  • Gossamer Canoe C-26 Marlin Trawler
  • More Columbia History A coupla’ tidbits
  • Welcome Aboard! Rozinante, Laura, Gossamer Canoe, Windbelle
  • Seacock Warning Gate valves present a danger
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Upgrade Pampero IV, part 2
  • Quick Tips See-thru motor well cover, On knives, Rust stains on sails, Seasickness remedy
  • From the Sailmaker’s Loft Adding Lazy Jacks
  • Look-C’s Owners pictures
  • Columbia Gear Burgees, hats, T’s and Sweats
  • Larry’s World Poe, Poe, Poetry
  • Subscribers Locater The largest yet
  • Classy Ads Buy, sell, trade, beg and borrow
  • Columbia Owners List E-mail addresses, now over 200. Pull-out 4-pager

C-Nuz 5
December 1998
36 pages

  • Welcome Aboard! Whatchacallit, Pinafore
  • CYOA Collision on the Chesapeake Charlie Sorrentino
  • Tell Tales Eric White, Tim Foley, Art Albertson
  • C-26 One-design Regatta Scotty Giles
  • More Columbia History Justin Thompson
  • Sculling and Rowing, Nearly a Lost ArtSpecial section
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Upgrade Defender 29; Intalling New Ports; Docking and Dock Lines; Mildew Removal
  • Listening in on the C-List Stuffing boxes, Mast painting, Batten pockets, more
  • Quick Tips A few ideas and a warning
  • Annapolis Boat Show & CYOA Get-together Paul Esterle, Mike Fellows
  • Subscribers Locater The largest yet

C-Nuz 6
March 1999
24 pages

  • Against the Wind Sea story by M. Keers
  • Solo Atlantic Crossing Jean Somerhausen
  • Legal Duties of Mariners Timothy R. Lord
  • Welcome Aboard! Audacious II, Tamara Lee Ann
  • CYOA Redondo Beach Round-up Bob Talmadge; Tom Clayton
  • Listening in on the C-List Ideas on curtains; Motor well repairs; Sailing and motoring backwards; Knotsticks; Figuring sail area and more.
  • Deep Thoughts John Governo
  • Larry’s World Verse by Conroy
  • Subscribers Locater The largest yet
  • CYOA Registry Hundreds of owners. Special pull-out section.

C-Nuz 7
Special Tell Tales/Get-together Reports Issue
20 pages

  • A Friend Remembered Charles Fitzsimmons
  • “Finally” Home Joe Bradt
  • Bottle Overboard Paul Gerard
  • The C-26t From Hell John Broughton
  • First International CYOA Get-together Mike Fellows; Mike Bienas; Ron Globe
  • Chesapeake Chow Down Joe Bradt; Eric White
  • Florida Boys Spring Fling Thing Mike Fellows; Rob Havins; Paul Esterle
  • Nekkid Pirates Weekend Eric White; Capt. Jim; Mike Keers
  • “Altair” 1998-99 Refit Picture Tour Brian Engelke
  • Subscribers Locater

C-Nuz 8

September 1999
Special Almost-Second Anniversary Double Issue
32 pages

  • C-26 Mk II Close-Up Practical Sailor Used Boat Report; Owners Reports
  • Tell Tales Laddie Pierce; Susanne Winterhawk; Somebody
  • Welcome Aboard Harvey Kabran; Charlie Sorrentino
  • Rock Creek Rendezvous Eric White
  • St. Michaels Non-dezvous Eric White
  • A Story, and Reflections on Story Telling Mike Fellows
  • Pampero IV….after 10,000 miles John Somerhausen
  • Against the Wind….the rest of the story Jim Atkins
  • Keel Bolt Replacement Henk Koornstra
  • Listening in on the List Flattening reef; documentation numbers; seacocks; engine soundproofing; 5200 solvent?; PAR pumps parts; GPS, Loran and Y2K; Fuller Brush for ports; emergencey tiller idea; compass dome scratch removal; C-26 Mk II mast raising & tuning
  • Sails & Sew On back after hiatus
  • Columbia Gear Three different members offering a variety of C-stuff

C-Nuz 9
December 1999
Second Anniversary!—Tinkerers Special Issue
32 pages

  • A Visit with Dahlfin II Paul Esterle
  • Late Season Escape David Geoffrion
  • “Sea Deuced” by the San Juans Dan Simmons
  • Built-in Holding Tank Mike Keers
  • C-34 Mk II Swim Step Bill Wolaver
  • “Sea Deuce” Dan Simmons
  • “Gossamer Canoe”
  • Homebrew Windvanes Tim Sawer; Mike Keers
  • Listening in on the List Electric auxiliary motor; relocating chainplates; ice boxes, water in the bilge and dry ice; galley pumps; “teak and holly” sole; more.
  • Personal Air Conditioning Peter C. King
  • Pop-Top/dodger Tim Sawer
  • Parting Shots

C-Nuz 10
March 2000
“Rudder me this, Batman” Focus Issue
20 pages

  • Rudder Mayhem Maurice Castellon & Mike Keers
  • More Rudder Woes: Q&As Various owners
  • “Wa-Ko” (rudder) Woes Rob Havins
  • New Source for Old C-Stuff Justin Thompson contact info
  • Late Season Escape….part 2 David Geoffrion
  • New CYOA Services eGroups becomes “communications central”
  • Mast Painting Charlie Sorrentino
  • Goop Peter C. King
  • Crud in the Fuel Tank Jim McCleod; Bill West
  • Props….locked or free wheeling? Chris McKesson
  • Fiberglass Panels for interiors? Several thoughts by owners
  • Parting Shots Desert C-Dogs Get-together

C-Nuz 11
June 2000
“Island Time” Issue
24 pages

  • Island Time Mike Keers’ first report on his singlehanded passage to Hawai’i on his Defender 29
  • Drake’s Bay Cruise Daniel Edwards
  • Another February Adventure Lance Ekhart
  • Solar Power Peter C. King
  • Solar plus Dave Harris
  • Video Tape Review: “Ternabout! How to Upgrade a Small Cruising Sailboat for trailer sailing, weekending and daysailing”
  • Listening In On The List Halyard solutions; diesel stove and injector idea; more.

C-Nuz 12
September 2000
28 pages

  • Island Time part 2–nuts and bolts Mike Keers’ final report on his singlehanded passage to Hawai’i on his Defender 29.
  • Love at First Sight–Again! Dennis Lancaster
  • Tell Tales: Alenuihaha Channel Tommy Tinker; Rick Heisely
  • Listening In On The List Special focus on painting.
  • Video Tape Review: “Aging Princess” How to install the Spartite Mast Wedge System
  • Swan Creek Rendezvous Eric White
  • “Go North, Old Man” Bob Talmadge
  • On the Horizon New offerings from Sails and Sew On; Columbia model “encyclopedia” nearly complete.
  • Parting Shots Pics from here and there.

C-Nuz 13
December 2000
C-34 MkII Close-up Issue
28 pages

  • C-34 MkII Owners’ Reports David Smith; Bill Spivey; Roy Wesbacher; Chris Ross; John Godke.
  • Fanai’s Saga: Repowering Options for the 34 MkII Chris Ross.
  • Flo-Boyz Report Florida get-together a success.Steve Gaber
  • Welcome Aboard! Bob Nowak; Brett Silver.
  • Columbia Model & Specification Book now available
  • My Favorite New Tool Peter C. King
  • Installing New Portlights Dan Delane
  • Bilge Water Management Bob Scott
  • Listening in on the List Batteries & switches; Durabak; changing thru-hulls; hard-starting Diesel
  • Parting Shots

C-Nuz 14
March 2001
Resources Issue
28 pages

    • Columbia Resources Eric White; plus links and addresses
    • Columbia Legacy Book Dennis Lancaster
    • Capt’n Pauley Videos Paul Esterle
    • Tell Tales Bob Pollock; Gardi Winchester III
    • Holiday Cruise of the Total Eclipse

David Smith

  • A Winter’s Cruise Lance Ekhart
  • Thrust 101 Chris McKesson
  • Wrestling with the A4 Bob Scott
  • Get It Straight! Bob Bodell
  • Home-made Flopper Stopper Dave Smith
  • Proper Propane Installation Charlie Miller
  • Complete C-Nuz Index of all articles
  • Sanderling Update Steve Gaber
  • Dripless Shaft Seals Bob Thackery
  • Classy Ads

C-Nuz 15
June 2001
20 pages

    • Fixing Window Leaks Jay Farquharson
    • An Octopus Tale Dave Smith
    • A Scary Cautionary Tale Dave Smith
    • A Voyage With Lance Dennis Lancaster
    • Choosing Foam for Cushions

Jean Sheldon

  • Ethylene Glycol in Epoxy The Chemist
  • Q & A Removing duct tape goo; plugged ice box drain

C-Nuz 16
September 2001
Whale Tales
16 pages

    • Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Jay Farquharson; Caspar Davis
    • Island Whaling John Somerhausen
    • Quick sightings Mary Reed; Lenny Gordon
    • Gear Testing for the Big Trip Lance Ekhart
    • Changing a Boat’s Name

Paul Esterle

    • Safety Afloat: Getting Back Aboard Mort Caplan
    • The Drifter Brailer

John Somerhausen

    • More Thoughts on Fixing Window Leaks

Harry Brunken

  • Listening in on the List Tinting plastic deadlights; new Atomic 4’s available soon?; mainsail feeder solution; boatyard cost estimator (humor).

C-Nuz 17
December 2001
More Tell Tales
20 pages

    • C-Nuz to Continue Publication Under New Managemant–Changing of the Watch Mike Keers, Mike Fellows
    • A Sailor Returns Home Lance Ekhart
    • A Canadian Cruise John Somerhausen
    • I think We Just Bought a Boat! Kristine Segarra-Weinreich
    • Atomic 4 Nuz

Don Moyer

    • Florida Boys & Girls Fall Fall-out Get-together reports and pics
    • Parting Shots

More Flo-Boyz pics; Columbia Legacy book; C-shields and patches available