C-Nuz will assume new management on January 1, 2002. After five years and seventeen issues, founder Mike Keers will be moving on. Publication will continue under the leadership of Mike Fellows. The subscription price ($10 a year) will remain the same. The contact address and info will change. The new info will be posted here on/around 1/1/02. Back issues will still be available. Ownership of this website will also pass to him.

Mr. Fellows plans to continue publication with little change, maintaining the spirit and style C-Nuz is known for. Please support him and this important resource with the same enthusiasm you always have shown. Thank you for the years of allowing me to serve as the voice of Columbia Yacht owners and fans. Mike Keers 12/1/01 (Now back to our regular scheduled programming…)

C-Nuz is an entertaining and informative periodical, serving Columbia Yacht owners and fans. It’s the official journal of the Columbia Yacht Owners Association, a non-profit informal group dedicated to furthering our knowledge of, and enhancing our joy of ownership of Columbia Yachts.

This site is specific to C-Nuz. For more information about the Association, please visit the CYOA website. And while you’re there, please take the time to register yourself and your boat with our Owners Registry.

The CYOA website, run by Eric White, and the two CYOA E-mail Discussion Groups, one hosted by Sailnet, and the other by Yahoo serve the fast-moving online end of things; the hard copy C-Nuz serves as the “sailor’s digest”. Information is shared between all four forums, consequently, there is some overlap between them, but each forum also carries unique information.

C-Nuz is published quarterly. The premier issue was published back in the Fall of 1997, to mark the founding of the Columbia Owners Group by Mike Keers. The name of the group was shortly changed to the Columbia Yacht Owners Association. Issues have been published on a regular basis ever since. The December 2001 issue, #17 marks five years of publication. See the “Index of Articles” link at left for a complete listing of all articles published so far.

Articles we’ve published include the history, myths and legends of Columbia; maintainence and up-grade articles in general and of specific models.”Close-Up” articles have focused on particular models. Our readers share their own stories thru “Owners Reports”, “Tell Tales” and “Welcome Aboard” features. “Listening in On the List” features discussions on various subjects from the online discussion group. We even publish readers’ pictures. The Owners Registry (as also found on the CYOA website), is published annually and mailed to subscribers. We have well over 1000 owners registered from a variety of places.

C-Nuz is a non-profit venture. However, a modest subscription fee must be charged to cover printing and postage.
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